Armored Car

Veteran's WWII Era Armored Vehicle Scares Rich People

A US military veteran gets a little too carried away in celebrating the 4th of July last week.

Last weekend, a resident of Shelby Township, near Detroit, Michigan, got a little too carried away as he celebrated America’s independence. John Lind is a US military veteran who also happens to be the curator of a large collection of World War II army vehicles. To have a little bit of fun and to show some patriotism, he decided to roll out in an old armored carrier that just happened to have a 50-caliber machine gun mounted on top. The weapon could only shoot blanks. But that was enough to scare the residents of a well-to-do neighborhood.

After calling 911, Lind was arrested and is now being held on a $100,000 bond. Funny thing is, all of his blue collar neighbors say this is one big misunderstanding and Lind is absolutely harmless. The white color residents of the neighborhood he drove through, on the other hand, were scared shitless.

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