Vettel Stars in a New Infiniti Global Campaign

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The F1 world champion demonstrates his skills behind the wheel of a passenger car.

Sebastian Vettel hasn't only just started his campaign to defend his F1 world title; he is also heavily featured in a new Infiniti global campaign that's being launched in parallel to the F1 season.

The campaign will encompass all types of media: digital media, viral content films, a series of collector's posters and Infiniti's first ever globally broadcast television commercial. That commercial was filmed on location in Spain prior to the final pre-season F1 test session in Catalunya in early March. It's scheduled to coincide with the weekend of the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix (26-27th May). In the TV ad Vettel is pictured driving the V6 3.7-liter engine Infiniti M37 at speeds of 162 mph at 8,500 rpm while all the driving aid features are neutralized.

Infiniti cars are also being driven on the racetracks of Catalunya, Suzuka and the Nurburgring while Red Bull F1 cars are driven on public roads and on dirt roads with David Coulthard in the cockpit. Vettel, or a stunt driver, performs a 4-wheel drive power slide with the front wheels in full opposite lock. 2012 marks the second year of partnership between Infiniti and Red Bull Racing, which will see more prominent Infiniti branding on the F1 cars, drivers and team equipment.

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