Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess Joins Special Guest in Beijing

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Three units will be built priced at 2.15 million Euros.

Unveiled earlier this month, the Veyron Vitesse 'Black Bess", Bugatti's fifth model in the Legends Edition collection, has debuted at the Beijing Motor Show. The special edition model celebrates the carmaker's legendary Type 18, one of the fastest pre-war era cars on the road that hit 100 mph when raced by company founder Ettore Bugatti. The carmaker has brought the original Type 18 to Beijing to sit alongside the latest Legends Edition Veyron.

One such model was named 'Black Bess' after an English racing horse. It was delivered to French aviator Roland Garros after he crossed the Mediterranean by airplane. Bugatti has revived the name for the Vitesse, which it coated in a glossy all-black finish with gold accents and genuine 24-karat gold inlay on the EB logo and wheel caps. The cabin sports a two-tone Beige and Havanna leather upholstery, Crimson red leather steering wheel, and hand-painted motifs on the door panels and rear storage compartment. Bugatti will build just three units of the Black Bess Vitesse priced at 2.15 million Euros.

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