Veyron Vs. Vision Gran Turismo: Which Is The Better-Looking Bugatti?

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Bugatti is about to reveal a "new" model, something it doesn't do very often. The Vision Gran Turismo may just be a one-off that can only be "driven" in a video game, but it's still a Bugatti. More importantly, it likely offers a few styling clues as to what we can expect to see on the upcoming Veyron successor, the Chiron, that'll debut in March. Speaking of the Veyron, a design that's in the past been compared to a beached whale, does it look better or worse than the Vision Gran Turismo?

The latter is certainly more aggressive and looks leaner, but it ain't exactly street legal. Still though, we like where Bugatti designers are going here, but what do you think? Does the Vision Gran Turismo take the design trophy or should it go to the Veyron? Or are they both a pair of sand-dwelling whales?

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