Vice Debuts In-Depth Documentary About Underground Street Racing

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Like the old Fast and Furious movies when real driving reigned over CGI.

Maybe you're involved in it and maybe you're not, but the truth of the matter is that a sect of the automotive community likes to partake in underground street racing. This isn't just the story of the resulting race started by some dude in a modified Mustang pulling up to a Corvette at a red light and letting off a few taunting revs. Here, a Vice correspondent goes to the suburbs of Toronto and meets with various street racers and the police that chase them down in order to get a feel for the scene.

What ensues is both an immersion into the lifestyle portrayed by movies like Fast and Furious (the earlier flicks before stunt driving took a backseat to CGI) and quite a bit of cringeworthy street slang that went out of style long enough ago to be used only under ironic circumstances today.

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It's an interesting story detailing how Canadian street racers enjoy their high-speed lifestyles without getting killed on the streets or put in jail by the police. To avoid the latter, street racers use a few noteworthy tactics to stay under the radar, literally and metaphorically. One includes racing on the empty industrial roads near airports since it's the one area police helicopters cannot pass through. To combat that, the police use a sophisticated system of surveillance and communication to avoid risky high speed pursuits and instead resort to catching the drivers after they race. Hopefully this quenches your itch for the old school Fast and Furious flicks.

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