Video: 120mph Crash Test that'll Send Shivers Down your Spine


Sit back and watch this well-engineered crash test horror show.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be involved in a 120mph head-on collision? Not something you would expect to end in a pretty picture, but a worst-case scenario that is plausible given that even modern day hatchbacks can reach such speeds. Well, Fifth Gear, a Top Gear TV rival, decided to organize a crash test at speeds three times as those conducted by crash authority EuroNCAP to discover what would happen when a car was exposed to such enormous forces.

The sophisticated engineering required to construct this test involved a Ford Focus being propelled against a concrete wall by a wench producing 16 Bugatti Veyrons worth of torque. On impact the car decelerates from 120mph to 0 in 68milliseconds, causing the obliteration of the front end and the rear to rise straight up before slam-dunking on its nose.

Occupants involved in such a collision would experience peaks of 400G and be crushed beyond all recognition. So think twice next time you get the urge to floor your hatchback.

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