Video: 166mph Ferrari Limousine F360 Sounds Just as Good as it Looks

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Proms, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and… Christmas shopping just got way cooler thanks to the Ferrari Limo.

Harrods of London is known for its high-priced goods and over one million square feet of shopping space. Located in Knightsbridge, the upmarket store received an interesting Christmas visitor clad in red. No, not jolly ol' Saint Nic but a stretched Ferrari 360 Modena Limousine. Two men got out of the Ferrari limo and entered the famed store to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping. With seating for eight, they should have plenty of room to store their stocking stuffers.

The 360 Modena stretched limo can hit a top speed of 166mph, making it the fastest of its kind in the world. The Daily Mail from England reports that the limo was designed by Mancunian businessman Dan Cawley, owner of Style Limousines. The Ferrari limo is currently owned by another rental company.

Cawley said to the Mail about his incredible creation "Every boy wants to get into a Ferrari, this was a way for people to be able to do that with seven mates. It's the biggest and craziest vehicle you can get. We made it because we wanted to create the ultimate Ferrari experience." The Ferrari 360 Modena stretched limousine is a one-off and has been estimated to cost just shy of $400,000. It cost $312,476 to build. In addition to being the fastest limousine in the world, it is also the longest Ferrari in the world.

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