Video: 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car Barn Find

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An as-new 1978 Corvette, left in a barn for 33 years, has finally found its way to a loving owner.

In 1978 Chevrolet celebrated Corvette's 25th anniversary by releasing 6,502 black and silver special-edition pace car replicas. That same year, an investment was made in one of these Indy 500 Corvette models by a guy in Detroit who took it for a future collectible. It was never driven; and remained in a garage and then a barn until just a few weeks ago. It now sits in the showroom of Corvette Mike New England after the original owner decided that it was about time to to cash in on his long term investment.

A mere 13 miles are on the clock, the interior has a 'new car' smell, and factory plastic covers the bucket seats and steering wheel. Put simply, this is a brand new car in immaculate condition from headlights to tailights.

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33-year old gas has thankfully unaffected the car, although why they chose to find this out instead of draining the system is a mystery. The 350 V8 engine wasn't frozen up and the seals never had the chance to rust and go bad; after simply changing a dead battery and pumping up the tires (which still held some air), this beauty just started right up. Find out more via the video link, although there's now word on the price of this pristine barn find.

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