Video: 2011 Dodge Avenger Rally Car

The Dodge Avenger is one of those cars which you might forget exists, and even Dodge might have to find it in their hearts to forgive you. Not helping this problem in any way is their newest rally car. It isn't that the Avenger isn't awesome, the car is the result of a collaborative effort between Mopar and Fiat subsidiary Magneti Marelli, and it is 200lbs. lighter than stock, with horsepower being raised to 300. A set of 18-inch racing alloys cover beefed-up brakes.

The parts that have gone into this Avenger will certainly be making their way into the Mopar catalog, but where it might race is still a bit unclear. Chrysler hasn't announced any plans to enter the Avenger in any series as yet. We're hoping this will change soon, otherwise we might forget it's out there.

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