Video: 2012 BMW M5 and 2012 Nissan GT-R Reviewed in the Rain

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The unrefined magically built GT-R is compared to the luxurious and most complete fast car on the market, primarily for Google search reasons.

There aren't too many good reasons to lump these cars together for a road and track test. They share little common ground and are not natural rivals on the market place. Yet EVO auto journalist Chris Harris decided to test their talents and weaknesses for a few days when the weather was wet more than anything else. Both have twin-turbocharged engines with big bodies, are priced around the £70k mark, can seat four and a bit passengers, and have around 550hp. This is where the similarities end, so why the comparison?

For one very good reason: they are two of the most searchable cars on Google. Simply put the video is 'search gold' but it's also, as always, highly watchable, fun and full of interesting factoids.

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