Video: 2012 Fisker Karma Goes for a Ride

Santa Monica dealer Kyle Shields took a Fisker Karma for a spin and put the video online.

Fisker dealer and professional driver from California, Kyle Shields, recently took a spin in a new 2012 Fisker Karma and the video has been posted for all to see. The Karma has just begun shipping to their exclusive clientele list and the plug-in hybrid certainly hasn't disappointed. The Karma features bespoke 22-inch wheels, two driving modes (sport and stealth) and a lavish interior. The one thing the electric Karma doesn't have - gears.

Shields comments that you don't feel any shift because the car (obviously) doesn't shift, there is just one long and solid pull up to the Karma's limited 125mph. 100mpg fuel economy doesn't hurt either when utilizing its new 'Q-Drive' range-extended electric motor. The Karma prices at $95,900 and has already started delivery.

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