Video: 2012 Ford Focus - Electric with Butterflies

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The 2012 Ford Focus Electric was debuted to great fanfare at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas and it's continuing to take the EV stage by storm. Till now we haven't really seen it in its element, mainly cruising down the streets of a small town. After viewing the clip, you'll see that the Focus Electric pretty much looks the part and walks the walk. In the clip we see the first serious all-electric from Detroit cruising around town.

The demonstrator then pulls up to a conveniently placed EV charging point and proceeds to hook up the vehicle with some juice from a Coulomb ChargePoint curbside charging station. What's more is that while you're running errands you can use the MyFord Mobile phone app to monitor the car's charging. The clip essential ends with a shot of the car's interior information screen, replete with butterflies. We still don't know what the point of the butterflies are, but it's sure to go over well with certain segments of EV buyers.

Read more information about Ford electric models.

Enjoy the clip.

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