Video: 2012 Nissan GT-R Mk.2 vs. 2012 Porsche 911 GT2 Mk.1

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Who wouldn't be tempted to race these expensive supercars in the middle of the night?

Somewhere on the streets of Russia, a couple of night racers have put together a home video of a series of drag races between a pair of well-matched supercars: the 530hp Nissan GT-R against the equally powerful Porsche 911 GT2. Keep your eye on the Nissan's onboard computer and specifically the speed that hits over 170mph when slowing down as the gleaming -black Porsche can be seen off in the distance.

Clearly these guys were hitting 200mph plus as they speed past static-looking semi-trucks, but their acceleration times are hard to gauge. The Nissan should be making mincemeat of the Porsche off the line but the driver is too busy giving his comrade a mouthful of abuse to realize its potential.

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