Video: 2012 Tata Nano Commercial is Insane, Bro

The Tata Nano has received a facelift and hilarious ad campaign, though we aren’t sure the latter was intentional.

Tata Motors didn't quit hit a high note with their initial offering of the Nano. Their tiny .6-liter engine couldn't put out more than 25hp or 35.4 lb-ft or torque. Redesigned for what Tata considers the (seriously) "perfect combination of power and performance," it can now put out 38hp and 38 lb-ft of torque. Weight in at 1,323lbs, the Indian car emits only 92.7g/CO2 per km, which may be the only redeeming quality of this tiny ride. They also upgraded the brakes to handle the car's increased power and... ahem speed.

It can sit four, hit a top speed of 65mph and climb up the steepest of inclines (as long as they are under 30 percent grade). It comes in a grip of new colors and the 2012 Nano is now available for purchase in India. Check out the Indian company's latest and (very) poorly dubbed commercial for the Tata Nano, which is hilarious in all respects.

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