Video: 2014 Radical RXC Coupe Previewed and SR3 SL Roadtested


The British manufacturer's coupe is in the works and will be available in street legal and race car variants.

Radical recently invited Sport Auto's Christian Gebhardt to their UK headquarters so that he could take the street legal SR3 SL for a road test. Whilst there, the German journalist was also given a sneak preview of the new Radical RXC Coupe, the British manufacturer's maiden attempt at creating a closed-top version for their sports car range. The RXC Coupe will generally be available as both a street legal and race car with a V8 engine in the latter managing 650hp.

A sequential 7-speed with paddle shifters will be used for the transmission. As well as being "significantly wider than the previous vehicles," (1950mm compared to 1790mm) the RXC will also feature wing doors as part of a revised aero package which will include undercut side skirts, a bigger engine cover louvre, and a rear wing with double center posts.

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