Video: 244mph Twin Turbo Camaro at the Texas Mile Catches Fire

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An 1800rwhp Camaro hit 244mph at the Texas Mile, then consequently caught on fire.

With all the Camaro coverage we have been running lately, you might as well call us CamaroBuzz. Ok, terrible jokes aside, this was one video we had to bring you. Tuning company LMR has created a twin-turbo Chevrolet Camaro that has an output of 1800hp at the wheels. The Chevy ran the Texas Mile earlier this month and put up a top speed of 244mph during its 4th pass. The guys at LMR got the Camaro up to 246mph, meaning it was the fastest car at the May and October events of this year's Texas Mile.

Check out the clip below of the Chevrolet Camaro hitting incredible speeds, and don't forget to watch the end as an oil fire erupted after one of its passes. The car's fire system was able to put out the blaze quickly.

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