Video: 3-Seconds to 60mph Quimera AEGT Electric Racecar


Quimera's EV Racecar can hit a top speed of 186mph and puts out 700hp.

The Quimera Project's AEGT racecar is being billed as 'first of its kind' in terms of fully electric racing capabilities. The AEGT, (All-Electric Grand Tourer) runs on 100% electric batteries (from South Korea) and engines (from the U.S.) and features performance said to be close to standard internal combustion engines. Performance numbers are quite impressive, as the first tests have shown the AEGT to sprint from 0-62mph in a blazing 3.0 seconds. Top speed has been measured at 186mph.

The dynamic supercar features three electric motors which can put out a combined 700hp and 737lb-ft of torque. A much more subdued 450hp model of the AEGT has also been developed, as Quimera hopes to find some applications for street-going vehicles from their new 'rolling test facility.'

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The Quimera Project was formed by a collaboration of universities and businesses in Europe. Their goal was to produce several sustainable projects in metropolitan and urban areas. The AEGT will be 'an R&D laboratory, assessing the innovation developed and verifying the appropriate application in streetcar manufacturing.'