Video: 426mph in HD: George Poteet's Record Bonneville Mile

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Experience the world's fastest measured mile in HD, thanks to some of the fastest cameras in the world.

The Bonneville Salt Flats has been known to produce some of the world's fastest land speed times. The Salt Flats are an incredibly flat area of land that provides the perfect backdrop for lightning fast cars aiming to travel at incredible speeds, and now you can see it like never before. At Bonneville Speedweek 2011, George Poteet captained his Bonneville Blown Fuel Streamliner aka the Speed Demon and set a new speed record of 390.709mph. His speed crushed the previous record of 366.043mph.

Poteet also took the Hot Rod Magazine trophy for the fastest measured mile, hitting 426mph. The Speed Demon packs a 347 cubic-inch V8 motor coupled with 2 Turbonetics "Demon" turbochargers that can put out over 2,200hp. Check the video below, as the journey is captured with a set of RePlay XD cameras, some of the fastest cameras on Earth.

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