Video: 66 Kids Crammed in One Van in China

Police arrested a man in a van with 66 schoolchildren and a teacher.

Police in China pulled over a man driving a minivan and found an incredible surprise - 66 schoolchildren crammed into a space that seats eight. This video was shot in the city of Qianan, located in northern China, and is one of the more disturbing things we've seen lately. Initially, the police thought the van seemed a bit... overloaded. In addition to the driver and a teacher seated up front, the stripped van contained no seats, just a few wooden benches and 4 and 5 year old kids squeezed together.

Police arrested the driver and it took 12 police vans to get all the kids home. In any case, the driver got off with a hefty fine. The Chinese justice system, making Los Angeles' treatment of Lindsay Lohan seem appropriate.

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