Video: 675hp McLaren MP4-12C High Sport Special Edition

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The first clip and details of the MP4-12C High Sport have emerged out of McLaren Special Operations.

YouTube user Jodito20 has just uploaded a video of two McLaren MP4-12Cs, the first being a silver stock supercar, the second being an HS. What is an HS edition? One of only five ever built, the High Sport edition is a tuned-up version of the British supercar with a power output of an impressive 675hp. Apparently the McLaren MP4-12C High Sport is a creation of McLaren Special Operations and features a new aerodynamic front-end designed to maximize downforce.

The new front-end also allows for an increase of airflow into the 3.8-liter V8 turbo intercoolers, meaning a higher boost pressure. The end result is an extra 75hp output over the stock variant.

The author disputes that, however, saying that he "talked to a salesman and he told me HS stands for High Sport. He confirmed that there are only five cars in the world. BUT, these cars are NOT from the McLaren Special Operation program. They are not Bespoke Editions even if they have some customization in common." In any case, the MP4-12C HS also features a new bumper, extended diffuser, air vents and a new rear wing. Exact details are still unknown, though Jodito20 does say that two of the five unique supercars are owned by McLaren executive chairman Ron Dennis and the crown prince of Bahrain.

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