Video: A Coffee-Powered Car Breaks A World Speed Record

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A group of British engineers have built a car that runs on coffee beans, which now has the world record time for an alternatively powered car.

This is certainly not what many would think of as an alternative fuel. But since countless millions drink it every morning to start their day off right, could it possibly also be used to power a car? A group of British engineers thought so and have built a car that runs entirely on coffee beans. And now it has broken the world speed record for a car that runs on organic waste. The time was recorded earlier this month when their modified Rover SD1 went 66.5mph at the Elvington Race Track in the U.K.

It beat out the previous record of 47mph that was set by a U.S. team that constructed a car that drew its energy from wood pellets. The project was carried out by engineer Martin Bacon and the Teesdale Conservation Volunteers of Durham and they have now been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although it's not the most conventional way to power a car, it's certainly very innovative. Check out the full video where the entire build process is thoroughly explained.

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