Video: A MINI First: Sports Activity Coupe

MINI just had its world premiere of the new MINI Paceman Concept. The concept vehicle is being seen as an important milestone for the MINI family, especially since this upcoming Detroit show will signify 10 years since the re-launch of the MINI brand in North America. The Paceman Concept takes the fundamental strengths of MINI, namely its uniqueness, go-kart handling, agility, dynamic capability, and individual design.

The carmaker took these qualities and twisted them together to create a combination of a sporty, masculine, and versatile coupe. These crossover deigns makes this the first Sports Activity Coupe in the small car segment. The exterior features the classic MINI features, while the broad and study-looking design gives it that sporty look. Inside, the interior draws on MINI's design language, although it's refreshing. Instrument panels are distinctive and create a sporty, yet functional impression.

The power will come from the most powerful powertrain available for a MINI, mainly the 1.6-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine that's also found in the MINI John Cooper Works. Either way, this concept looks great and we're happy to see MINI expanding its line.

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