Video: A Revolutionary Concept by Yuhan Zhang - The Geely Aeolus

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Yuhan Zhang's latest concept could end up becoming a real thing, depending on whether a 'pneumatic hybrid' drivetrain could be made feasible.

One of the most common flaws in user-designed concepts is that they actually don't have a feasible (in times such as these) form of locomotion. We have read about hundreds of concepts that run on futuristic technology that hasn't been created yet, however Yuhan Zhang has managed to change that with a very practical city car that would be incredibly efficient and absolutely reasonable for the money.

Dubbed the Geely Aeolus Concept, it was designed by Zhang under the guidance of the Chengdu Gaoyuan Automobile Industry Co. Ltd., a branch of Geely from China. It is described as a 'pneumatic hybrid subcompact' that could run as low as $8,000 and could go into production by the year 2014. The 3-seater is targeted to younger city drivers with very modern design lines packed into its tiny frame. It will be rear-engined and feature a hybrid drivetrain. The idea is that a pneumatic hybrid system will use an internal combustion engine as a pneumatic pump.

Disneo-art says that "each cylinder of the combustion engine is connected via a variable valve to a shared air tank. To conserve energy and help keep the pressurized air tanks topped up, during braking the cylinders draw in air and pump it into the pressure tank." Pressurized air will then be fed to a pneumatic motor which will drive the rear wheels forward. The entire system should allow a range of 75 miles and hit a top speed of 54mph. It is a revolutionary scheme that actually could work sometime in the near future, however we will have to wait and see if anyone decides to put his ideas into practice.

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Until then, check out the video of her concept in action and let us know what you think about the design of the modern Geely Aeolus Concept.

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