Video: An Ariel Atom is No Place for a Happy Meal

Eating food while on the move is never a good idea. Eating McDonalds in an Ariel Atom? You’re asking for trouble.

No-one likes it when food is consumed in their car, especially when the food is pungent smelling barely edible fast food from McDonalds. However, if you find yourself behind the wheel of an Ariel Atom and your buddy is bugging you to let him chow down on his Big Mac and fries don't give it a second thought. Simply put your foot down and see how well he does in the 2.3 seconds it takes for you to go from standstill to 60mph.

When faced with such blistering acceleration he'd be lucky to tuck away a couple of slices of pickle and a sip of his Sprite, right? Click the link to discover that the only good thing to come from combining fast food and a supremely fast car is a hilarious video.

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