Video: An Audi Tries to Pass a Truck, Runs Head First into a Police Officer

Head-on collisions are frightening to see from a 3rd-party angle. This video allows you to see exactly what a head-on collision looks like from the dash-cam.

Passing traffic on a two-lane road can be dangerous to say the least. When you're cruising through the country it is a bit annoying getting stuck behind a big rig, but really, if you want to pass just make sure you look first. This video comes straight from the Czech Republic, where a driver of an Audi gets impatient being stuck behind a truck. He decides that it's fine to go ahead and pass the vehicle but doesn't realize that he is going head first into a Czech cop car.

It appears from the footage that the traffic was pretty heavy at the time, meaning the Audi driver should have definitely taken heed before trying the maneuver.

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