Video: Arash AF-10 British Supercar


The AF-10 is probably Britain's most under-appreciated supercar.

On the back of the Farboud GT and Farboud GTS, Arash has created their brand-new AF-10 supercar. Started in 1999 and finishing their Farboud work in 2006, several years of sports car racing and supercar design has finally given way to a new model that goes fast and costs a lot. The AF-10 runs a Corvette Z06-sourced 7.0-liter V8. It has an output of 550hp, however Arash plans to boost it to 800hp and will offer a 1200hp top-end version.

Arash's Peragrine Falcon logo is based on the fastest animal on Earth, diving at speeds of over 200mph. This is fitting for a brand that aspires to hit the highest speeds possible.

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The car begins at £320,000, however the price increases as the customer chooses his level of power. The top-end version packing the 1200hp motor will cost somewhere in the range of £1.5 million.