Video: Arrinera Automotive’s Veno Trailer


The Arrinera Automotive Veno goes CGI in the Polish company’s teaser video.

Polish company Arrinera Automotive is building up to the release of their new Arrinera supercar with a new official trailer. The Arrinera, appearing in CGI form, runs all over the road and even onto a digitally-constructed bridge. The over-the-top trailer shows off the Arrinera, exhibiting all its attributes in a close-to-real-life simulation. The Polish powerhouse features a 650hp V8 engine, luxury interior and new technology.

A thermal camera connected to a monitor in the cockpit along with IR imaging technology help set this car apart from many others in its class. Around the minute-thirty mark we get to hear the new supercar's engine, which sounds terrific. Check out the trailer below of Arrinera Automotive's latest offering.

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Hopefully there is more to come from the Polish company's flagship when it finally makes its production-version world debut sometime in the next year or two.