Video: Audi Features Vampire Killing S7 in Super Bowl Sunday Ad

Audi combines popularity of the Super Bowl with America’s obsession with vampires in advertising the new S7.

There are a host of funky features on the high-performance variant of the Audi A7, but it's the headlights of the S7 that Audi has decided to highlight in this year's Super Bowl commercial. The ad is dominated by the undead, and as a group of young vampire revelers party in the woods drinking from blood-donor pouches, a fanged-toothed man makes his way to the nightspot in a new Audi S7 armed with lots of fresh blood to keep the party animals satiated.

As he pulls up with the new LEDs in full beam producing rays of 'daylight,' the vampires start vaporizing with none of the blood-suckers surviving the accidental onslaught.

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