Video: Audi R8 Spyder or Porsche Boxster Spyder; Which is Faster?

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Evo heads to the UK's Bedford Autodrome for a track battle between a pair of supercar Spyders to discover which is fastest.; whose your money on?

Pitting the Audi R8 soft-top supercar against Porsche's lightweight special Boxster Spyder strikes us as an unfair contest given that 100hp separates the two Spyders.

Not only that but the 424hp Audi R8 also puts power to the tarmac through all four wheels, leaving the 310hp Boxster to manage with just two. The only thing that may give the 3.4-liter direct-injected flat-six Porsche the edge over the 3,858-pound 4.2-liter V8 is it's lightweight body that comes in at a considerably lighter 2,811 pounds. With such a weight advantage, the Porsche may in fact have the better chance of reaching the checkered flag first. Click the link to find out.

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