Video: Audi Releases Untitled Jersey City Project

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Audi teams with FX and releases web-based mini-series featuring the all-new 2012 A6.

A few years back, BMW created a web-only miniseries featuring the previous generation of the Z4. While the quality wasn't amazing, the series did a good enough job to bring attention to the then newly redesigned roadster. And now Audi has created their own web miniseries by teaming up with U.S. cable channel FX. Each episode is two minutes long and will air on the network everyday night over the course of eight weeks. Of course, each will also be available online.

According to the German automaker's official press release, each of the eight installments of "Untitled Jersey City Project," produced by Audi's Studio Progress Films to appear as fragments of a television series or film, supplies a piece of a puzzle involving men working for an architectural firm who are hiding a dark secret. A seasoned production team, which includes director and HBO veteran Daniel Minaham (he's directed episodes of 'True Blood' and 'Games of Thrones'), gives the series a "stylized, cinematic look." So what's the whole point exactly and why is Audi involved?

Simple, the series features the new 2012 Audi A6. We've watched a few of the episodes and they're not at all bad, but we're not movie critics here. But check out the first episode here and go to for more episodes.

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