Video: Audi Rips America, Tells you to Buy Their A6


Audi has decided to kick America when it's down and then tell you to buy one of their latest models.

Given our current state of economic affairs (and various domestic problems), the last thing we want to see on TV is someone reminding us of America's deteriorating infrastructure. Now, America is the greatest country in the world and we take serious pride in our innovation and complex road system, which includes the rich history of the American automobile. So as you can imagine, a German auto company releasing an ad ripping the States wouldn't get the best reception here.

The TV ad, titled "The Road," crushes the state of roads, highways, etc in the U.S. while bragging about the A6's GPS system that performs 'over 2,000 calculations a seconds.' Well, we are thinking of over 2,000 swear words to say to Audi after their pretty derisory ad.

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