Video: Aussie Finds Cooler Way of Driving Around Town


An Australian guy lost his license for 10 months and was fined $500 AUD for a DUI with a lawnmower-like scooter attached to a cooler full of booze.

Chris Petrie, a native of Noosa, Australia, has lost his license for 10 months and was fined $500 AUD for driving a motorized esky, which is a combination of a lawnmower and part booze compartment fridge, while drunk. After he was pulled over one night by police, Chris took a breathalyzer test and the 23 year old had a BAC of 0.160, which is more than three times the legal limit. To further add to his wonderful day, Chris didn't have his driver's license on him at the time of the incident.

The esky Chris was driving is powered by a 50cc two-stroke engine and has a top speed of, brace yourself, an incredible and jaw dropping 12.4 mph. We hear Bugatti engineers are taking notes. Power for the esky seems to be generated through a flask of a 1.75-liter Jack Daniels mated to a six-pack of Fosters beer with the finest of microbrewery technology. When brought to court the other day, Chris's lawyer told the judge that his client wasn't aware that his esky was classified as a vehicle, as if the little scooter-like kart gave any other indications that it was anything but a turbocharged lawnmower with some booze in a cooler.

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Charged with drunk driving and driving without a license, the judge took away his license for 10 months and gave him a $500 AUD fine. Chris admitted he had done the wrong thing and even joked that he may sell the esky, which cost him $600, in order to help pay his fine.

It is an interesting debate as to whether Chris deserved to lose his license for driving a turbocharged lawnmower, but he was driving drunk, which further supported the judge's decision and ruling of the case. As odd as it seems, we think that the esky could be a popular seller in the US.