Video: Australian V8 Supercar Makes a Pit Stop on a Crowded Street


TeamVodafone took over a busy Brisbane road for a quick demo in preparation for the Gold Cup 600.

Preparation is going as planned for the rapidly approaching Armor All Gold Coast 600 race in Australia. Their promotion campaign is also going full tilt, as next week's race draws near. Filmed in the middle of Edward Street in Brisbane on Thursday, a pit crew assembled and put the TeamVodafone Holden V8 racecar through its paces during a heavily-attended demo. Australia's 28 V8 Supercars heroes will be joined by 28 internationals from 12 countries during the race.

Lunchtime shoppers and enthusiasts stood by as Jamie Whincup tore through the cleared-out streets and stopped shortly while his crew did their thing and sent him on his merry way. Check out the clip below of the TeamVodafone squad in action.

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"The look on the faces on the people standing on the side of the streets was amazing. I guess if I was sitting out in the sun eating my sandwich for lunch and a 700-horsepower Commodore came roaring past I would be a little surprised as well," said Jamie Whincup. The Gold Coast 600 sponsored by Armor All is scheduled to take place on October 21-23rd.