Video: Bad Girl M.I.A. and Some Middle East Insanity

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Live fast, die young, Bad Girls do it well...

We've seen a number of videos pop up lately showing some crazy driving on the roads of Saudi Arabia. There was certainly no lack of a crowd, even as some of those cars (and the, uh, so-called skilled drivers) literally crashed right into the bystanders. Hey, whatever entertains people I guess. Anyhoo, this new video is another testament to the emerging freedoms currently taking place throughout the Middle East (with the exceptions of Egyptian football matches and Syria).

Starring M.I.A. singing a surprisingly catchy chorus, we're treated to even more of this borderline insane driving, a horse or few, rapping locals, a few AK-47s, and plenty of, shall we say, provocative lyrics for a region that's known to be more on the conservative side of things (to say the least).

It states in the video description that M.I.A. herself will be back this Friday with a new video responding to her favorite comments. Whether you care about that or not, we still found the music video to be highly entertaining. Everything just looks better in slow motion.

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