Video: Bertone Alfa Romeo Concept

As we've claimed before, we're big fans of Alfa Romeo here at CarBuzz. While they've had their share of problems, the future of the brand seems to be secure. The Pandion concept debuted at last year's Geneva Motor Show, and now a new video shows the car in a futuristic setting. Complete with a design that was inspired by the Pandion Haliaetus, a predatory bird, the car's most distinctive feature are the reverse scissor doors and the skeleton design elements.

Hence the "skin and frame" design theme. The Pandion is powered by a front-mounted 4.7-liter with 444 hp that's taken from the 8C Competizione. Total weight is just 2,205 lbs. This video is meant to be a speculative commercial for the concept car, showing it in a future-like setting.

The concept was designed and built as a part of Alfa Romeo's 100th anniversary celebration. We doubt the Pandion Haliaetus will make it to production. However, some of its design traits may be seen in the upcoming 159 replacement.

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