Video: BMW 4-Series Coupe Spied on the Streets

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The BMW 4-Series coupe was caught for the first time ever on film by our tireless spy photographers.

Our tireless spy photographers have captured the BMW 4-Series coupe driving around town. This is the first time the 4-Series coupe (known in-house as the F32) has been filmed and though it was fully-camouflaged, we can still make out a bit as to what the model could end up looking like. The BMW 4-Series coupe is essentially the coupe variant of the 3-Series sedan and it will be priced higher than its family-styled counterpart.

Its design will also be tweaked, as it is a model geared more towards youth than the established family-man. Both the 3-Series and 4-Series models will utilize turbocharged 4- and 6-cylinder engines. The upcoming BMW 4-Series coupe will be released in late 2012. The coupe, together with a convertible variant will make up the new 4-Series family.

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