Video: BMW Motorrad Concept e Proves Blonds Dig Electric Bikes

Electric bikes by BMW could be the harbinger of clean-tech for two-wheelers.

Three hours is all it takes to charge up BMW's brand-new Motorrad Concept e. The fully-electric bike was designed to rival 400-500cc bikes in terms of performance and it can, albeit only for its 60 mile range. Like most BMW bikes, the Motorrad Concept e features the German's signature single-sided swingarm. The front is equipped with a telescopic front suspension. Aerodynamic design is found throughout the bike.

You might notice how there are no rear-view mirrors, as they have been replaced by twin LCD monitors in the cockpit which shows images from a pair of rear-facing video cameras. Battery status is also shown in the monitors. Check out the video below of the bike piloted by a cute blonde.

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