Video: BMW Teaches Driver Security Skills

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BMW has just launched a new video showing how one can further develop their ultimate driving skills while utilizing the ultimate driving machine. Taking place at a former Soviet military base in east Germany, drivers who own a BMW High Security Vehicle can now practice protecting themselves and their precious occupants against various firearms that range from .44 and .357 Magnums to 9mm Lugers. Hey, it can be dangerous out there.

Back in 2008, BMW released the X5 High Security SUV, which was armored and could provide protection against criminal attacks or any other so-called dangerous situation. In 2009, the X5 was upgraded with something called Security Plus, a European class 6 bullet resistance for, you know, the off chance someone fires an AK-47 at you while driving home from a James Bond/Jason Bourne convention. The windows are now also upgraded to be 22-mm thick. BMW also made use of high-strength steel components and panels.

Most recently, BMW has launched a new F01/F02 7-Series that's available in both 760Li and 750 Li trims. They are the first models in the world to be certified as meeting the new ballistic protection requirements.

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