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Video: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Involved in Jewel Theft

BMW has released a video showing an alternative use for its Vision ConnectedDrive Concept.

BMW has just released this video showing off the abilities of their Vision ConnectedDrive concept, which debuted last spring at Geneva. While many people use the ConnectedDrive system to help with navigation and such, BMW decided to show us an alternative use. The slick driver had a clear plan and by following his ten easy steps, you too can become a jewel thief with the help of your BMW. Although the concept won't make production, its technology is an indication of where BMW wants to be in a few years.

The interior features a display screen for the passenger along with a 3D head-up display screen for the driver with sat nav information. So in the near future, according to BMW, grand theft could become easier with the help of your car's infotainment system.

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