Video: Book About Ferrari Costs More than a Ferrari

In what will be affordable to those who currently own one of the cars showcased in it, publishers of the new book titled "The Official Ferrari Opus" are offering limited edition diamond-studded copies to those able and/or willing to pay up. And in today's economy, there are still plenty who can afford to spend like this. Said to be "the most exclusive book in the world," collectors will surely be in a mad rush to get their hands on one of the 400 copies of the Enzo Diamante edition.

According to The New York Times, "the 852-page book weighs 82 pounds and measures 19.6 square inches and contains 200,000 words of text, 2,000 photos...and information on every Ferrari road car and racecar." Details on every professional driver who has raced for the automaker are also included. Supposedly cheaper editions are also available, such as the Enzo edition priced at $37,500, which comes in a carbon fiber case and is "personally signed by all living Ferrari world champions on an individually number, silver-foiled signature sheet."

The Cavallino Rampante edition (limited to 500 copies) goes for $7,000 and is signed by "Ferrari greats, past and present." If that's not enough, buyers of the Enzo Diamante edition are entered into a drawing for a replica of the Formula One racecar driven by Michael Schumacher.

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