Video: Building the Nissan Juke/GT-R aka the Juke-R

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The fastest crossover in the world is being built as we speak.

Nissan has just released their third installment in their viral series on the building of the Juke-R. The much-anticipated Juke/GT-R super-crossover will be a one-off ride that has garnered so much attention over the last month that the Japanese automaker might have to consider a production version (we hope!). As previously reported on CarBuzz, Nissan has said their crossover will feature some flared wheel arches, redesigns on the front and rear bumpers and a bespoke split rear wing.

The GT-R's infamous 3.8-liter biturbo V6 will put out 480hp for the innovative vehicle. Check out the latest video installment from Nissan that shows the engineers working on the chassis and strengthening it on the new super-powered crossover.

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