Video: C6 Corvette vs. GT500 Mustang at Texas World Speedway

A Corvette and a GT500 Shelby Mustang face off on a Texas racetrack.

What happens when you put a C6 Corvette with around 430hp against a Shelby GT500 Mustang with 550hp on the Texas World Speedway? That's exactly what the guys over at Houston Performance Driving wanted to find out. As we clearly know, there are an endless number of Corvette and Mustang fans out there who are never afraid of keeping opinions about their beloved cars to themselves. Normally you'd pit a GT500 against a Camaro or Challenger, but it'd surely be fun to see it take on the Vette.

Although it's not an actual race, it's still fun to see the two high performance cars chase after one another. So the question out to everybody is what would you want to drive on the track: the Corvette or the GT500? Yes, this will likely be a very lively discussion (to say the least).

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