Video: Cadillac’s Modern Technology takes on Old-School Machinery

In a head-on collision, would you rather be in the front seat of a 1962 or 2002 Cadillac?

Speed TV show Stuntbusters, which 'explores motoring myths behind the latest automotive technology,' has taken two Cadillacs, forty years apart in terms of their safety innovations, and set up a head-on collision at 50mph. The 1962 Cadillac Sedan weighs in at 4500 pounds, is 15 feet in length and is built like a tank. The 2002 Cadillac DeVille on the other hand weighs in at 3800 pounds and features crumple zone technology to absorb the impact of a head-on collision.

Which Cady is going to fare better in the crash? Will anyone survive? Place your bets now!

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