Video: Carlos Ghosn in Nissan Wonderland

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The Nissan Chief in a visit to the Zama Heritage Garage among hundreds of Datsun and Nissan cars.

Carlos Ghosn, the chief on Nissan, Renault and the alliance between the two companies, is not a nostalgic chap. He can't be if he is to lead an alliance that has an objective to change the paradigm of the car industry from internal combustion engines to electric motors. However, last week he visited the Zama Heritage Garage and was taken for a ride in a 1938 Datsun 17 Phaeton on the premises.

He toured around the 400 perfectly maintained historic Datsun and Nissan cars and just like a small boy in a candy store, couldn't mask his emotions.

The Datsun and Nissan vehicles range from the 1933 Datsun 12 to electric prototypes used during LEAF development, the giant garage. The Zama facility relies on a network of former Nissan staff and volunteers to keep about 70% of the former production models drivable. The museum operators are hoping that in the future it will become an official museum for Nissan cars.

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