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Video: Casanova Picks Up Two Babes in His Pagani Zonda S Cabrio

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If you’re finding it hard to turn heads in a Zonda S Roadster, try cramming a couple of hot girls in the passenger seat.

The spring is now peaking over the Mediterranean and the Cote d'Azur so it's high time for Monaco's love affair with automobiles, and particularly grand ones, to resume. The annual peak of the unofficial Monaco Motoring Weeks is still four weeks away when the F1 circus conquers the Monte Carlo streets and devastates it with engine noises for four days. Two weeks prior to the Grand Prix, the Grand Prix Historique, a bi-annual event for old racing and rally cars, will take place.

However the appetizer has already been served as last weekend the 2012 Top Marques event took place at the Garibaldi Forum at the principality, drawing supercars from across the globe such as this stunning Pagani Zonda S Roadster. Even in Monaco, where seeing supercars is an everyday occurrence, one would hope that when cruising the streets of the millionaire's playground in this incredible supercar people would stop and stare, especially those Principality cuties. If not, take a leaf out of this playboy's book and grace the passenger seat with a couple of hot babes.

Of course the Casanova in the white hat caught in the act could just as easily have been picking up his daughters after a day at the shops maxing out his credit card. But we suspect he is simply a man that revels in excess and attention. More than likely, this is the same Zonda that was ticketed last week by a local policeman for gunning it in a road tunnel.

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