Video: Charlie Sheen and His Fiat 500 Abarth Under House Arrest


Maybe being under house arrest isn't so bad afterall.

Actor Charlie Sheen is certainly no stranger to controversy. For the man who made the term "Winning!" a household name last year, things have definitely been a bit rocky ever since he left 'Two and a Half Men.' And now Hollywood's longtime bad boy is starring in a new commercial promoting the Abarth 500, which is set to be on American roads very soon. Originally, Fiat wanted to show this commercial during the Super Bowl last month, but they went with the famous 'Seduction' ad instead.

While we think the latter is better, this second one is still definitely entertaining. The commercial shows a Fiat 500 Abarth driving and cornering its way through a very scenic-looking mansion (solid eye candy throughout). And once its driver is revealed, then, well, you'll get the rest.

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