Video: Chasing Car Thieves - Israeli Style

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Thinking of stealing a car? Maybe not when the Israeli police are in pursuit.

The Middle East is known for a lot of things. Besides the occasional bits of violence (only occasionally), good things such as hummus and falafel are available in abundance. And like any other place in the world, car theft is a problem. But now the Israeli authorities are stepping things up a bit to shut down known Palestinian car theft rings that have been operating for some time. In these videos taken by undercover police officer Michael, we can see the chase as it's happening.

Normally car thieves expect to break into the car and just hit the gas. But now Michael, with the help of the Israeli army, isn't letting them go that easily. In the middle of the night, Michael follows the perps in hot pursuit, even going as far as crossing the border into the Palestinan territories.

He's also prepared to go on foot if necessary when the thieves realize they're being chased and decide to bail. Evidently, neither Michael or the thieves care about potholes as the evening's entertainment continues into some really rugged looking areas.

Chasing down car thieves can be a dangerous job and it's good to know there are some out there willing to do this. And in both of these videos, the thieves clearly got more than what they expected before they set off on their so-called journey. One even tried to dodge the border crossing entirely until guys with big guns told him otherwise. Now that's how to stop a thief.

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