Video: Chevrolet Visits Camaro Enthusiast Festival

Hundreds of Camaro enthusiasts gather each year to share their love of one of America’s favorite muscle car.

What is it about the Camaro that makes grown men giggle like infants and women go weak at the knees? That's the question Chevrolet was looking to answer by heading to the Camaro5 Fest II, held in April last year at Firebird International Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. A caravan of 150 fifth-gen Camaros was first followed on their 13-hour pilgrimage from California to the heart of Camaro country, and once at the event a range of people from across the US spoke about what it means to be a Camaro enthusiast.

Check out the video to find out, and to see a serious collection of Camaros, both young and old, in action. This year the event will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 2-4.

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