Video: Chevy at 100 – New York Tribute and Morphing in Brazil

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Chevrolet is continuing the celebration of their centennial anniversary with a tribute to their presence in New York and a special effects-laden video in Brazil.

Chevrolet is celebrating their 100-year anniversary and releasing different videos chronicling their history in different countries all over the world.

Two videos released in the last few days show the American brand in New York City and Brazil. Their tribute video to New York has been the pick of the bunch so far, with emphasis on their presence in Times Square and their Corvette standing in all its glory in front of the Twin Towers. The video also chronicles their models' debuts at such events as the Motorama of 1953 and the World Trade Expo. Chevrolet has a more recent history in South American, and their tribute video for Brazil shows their models morphing from one into another over time during the course of the last century.

In the background, you can see the landscape changing with their models, showing over time how the American company has adapted to the changing surroundings of the largest country in Latin America.

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