Video: Chevy Trucks that Built the Global Brand

Chevy's 100th anniversary means plenty of great videos chronicling their history for us.

Louis Chevrolet started up the automotive company bearing his name all the way back in 1911, which would make this year Chevy's 100th birthday (which you should know by now, being a faithful CarBuzz reader). They are now releasing a series of videos chronicling their history and this particular one highlights their truck's achievements. They started with their first truck in 1918, 7 years after their founding, with the 490 half-ton light delivery cow chassis.

As the video cycles through their history of impressive trucks, they end with their 2013 Chevy TrailBlazer, as they claim it will revolutionize and redefine the sport utility vehicle around the world. They also promise to continue their line of trucks for the next 100 years. Only time will tell if Chevy can continue their vast and award-winning history for another century more.

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